Can I put you in a box?

If I could get a penny every time I was told “Your English is so good!”, I could do med school all over again(not that I’d want to). I guess that having come from a “foreign, exotic country”, the fact that I am fluent in a language not of my own is mind-boggling. Bedazzling. Stupefying. Yes, my English is pretty decent, why thank you for the vote of confidence.

When we meet people from an unfamiliar background, we make mental resumes of them- based on their likes/dislikes, views, how attractive they are etc etc. I’m no different. I often do the same.There is no pedestal here from which I’m inking out my thoughts.

But having gotten the above mentioned statement many times,it gets me thinking: why do we put people in separate boxes in our heads? Does it make it easier to deal with them? I guess it’s not practical to sit down and analyse the background of every individual in our social circle;I don’t think we need to do that really. Nevertheless, having grown up in a melting pot of cultures for half of my life now, I’ve grown to appreciate that everyone’s pretty much…the same, give or take a few quirks. Don’t mask those quirks, by the way. It’s what makes you interesting.

Speaking of which, I’ve been staring at this elephant bathing himself/herself for the past half hour. yea, I need to log off.

elephant bath


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